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Find out if an insulin pump could be a good option for you:

  • Does your blood glucose level often spike or crash

  • Do you use insulin 3 or more times per day?

  • Do you have a busy lifestyle that makes it hard to schedule consistent meals and exercise?

  • Are you frustrated with multiple daily injections?

If you answered yes to 2 or more questions, you may want to consider an insulin pump. Compare the different insulin pumps we offer below.

Minimed 630G

Minimed 630G *with Enlite

Medtronic 630G with dots.png

Pump uses 1 AA battery

Pump is waterproof for

up to 12 feet deep

for 24 hours

300-unit reservoir

Pump measures:

2.1" x 3.78" x 0.96"

Continuously delivers insulin, with a tubing change needed only every 2-3 days

Compatible with Medtronic Infusion sets only

Predictive alerts given

up to 30 minutes ahead, if trending high or low

  • Basal Range: From 0.025 to 35 units per hour in 0.025-unit increments for up to 0.975 units. Increments of 0.05 units for between 1 an 9.95 units. Increments of 0.1 units for 10 units or more.

  • Bolus Range: From 0.025 to 25 units. Increments of 0.025 units up to 0.975 units or more. Insulin-to-carb ratio allows for fractions of grams.

  • Has remote bolus functionality via the Contour Next Link 2.4 meter

  • Works with CareLink Personal software to upload and manage pump and CGM data

  • Pump-CGM combos SmartGuard technology to stop insulin delivery for up to 2 hours is the glucose level reaches a preset low limit and user doesn't react to a low-glucose alarm

Minimed 670G *with Guardian

Minimed 670G
Medtronic 670G with dots.png

300-unit reservoir

Pump is waterproof

for up to 12 feet deep

for 24 hours

Manual Mode with the Suspend Before Low feature automatically stops insulin 30 minutes before pre-selected low limits, then restarts once insulin levels recover

Auto Mode continuously reads sensor glucose values and automatically adjusts basal insulin every 5 minutes

Pump measures:

2.1" x 3.78" x 0.96"

Pump uses 1 AA battery

Closed Loop System

  • Compatible with Medtronic infusion sets only

  • Built-in CGM allows for wireless transmittal of glucose information every 5 minutes

  • Tubing change needed only every 2-3 days

  • Guardian Sensor 3 provides up to 7 days of wear


Omnipod with dots.png

PDM must be within 5 feet of pod to deliver bolus doses

Pod has integrated battery

Pod is worn for up to 72 hours and is waterproof up to 25 feet deep for up to 60 minutes

Pod includes built-in reservoir that holds 200 units

Pod measures:

1.53" x 2.05" x 0.57"

Pod does not come with tubing: comes with a built-in cannula that inserts with a button press on the PDM, then needle retracts

PDM measures:

2.4" x 4.4" x 0.98"

PDM contains more than 1,000 common foods (with nutrition information) and stores up to 36 preset carb values

  • Basal Range: From 0.5 to 30 units per hour in 0.05-unit increments

  • Bolus Range: From 0.5 to 30 units in increments of 0.05, 0.1, 0.5, or 1 unit. Insulin-to-carb ratio in whole units only

  • Data is downloaded to CoPilot Health Management System

  • Pod delivers basal insulin regardless of PDM proximity

  • Works with Glooko, Tidepool, and Diasend data management systems, plus NuMedics' online Diabetes Partner data management tool

t:slim X2



Diabetes Care

Tandem t:slim & t:flex
tandem pic with dots.png

Pump is watertight for up to 3 feet deep for 30 minutes

The only insulin pump that integrates data from the Dexcom® continuous glucose monitor

Pump measures:

2.0" x 3.13" x 0.6"

Rechargeable lithium polymer battery that holds up to 7 days of power

Durable, light weight aluminum case and shatter-resistant glass

Smallest insulin pump available with flat reservoir and micro-delivery technology for precision insulin dosing in the smallest increments available

300-unit reservoir

Compatible with all standard Luer-lock infusion sets

Color touch screen

  • Basal Range: From 0.1 to 15 units per hour in 0.001-unit increments

  • Bolus Range: From 0.5 to 60 units in 0.01-unit increments; Insulin-to-carb ratio allows for fraction of grams

  • Uses the Tandem Updater to remotely update software from a computer without requiring purchase of new device.

  • Works with T:Connect Diabetes Management Application, Tandem's web-based software; also works with Tidepool and Diasend data management systems.

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