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Meet the Harper-Langley Family

Type 1 Diabetics in our home: 3

  1. Michael - 41, diagnosed at age 6. Uses Omnipod & Dexcom G6

  2. Matthew - 15, diagnosed at age 13. Uses Dexcom G6 & practices Multiple Dose Insulin Injection Therapy (MDI)

  3. Benjamin - 12, diagnosed at age 10. Uses Omnipod & Dexcom G6

Type 2 Diabetics in our home: 1

  1. Amy - 39, diagnosed at age 37. Controls via diet


My husband and I married in 2014. We have a total of 9 children (Michael 3 from previous marriage, Amy 4 from previous marriage, and together we have 2). Our children range from 20 years old to 2 years old.

Two years after Michael and I were married, my youngest son was diagnosed with T1 diabetes, while in severe DKA.

Then, two months later, my middle son was in DKA and diagnosed with T1 as well. Four months after my boys were diagnosed, I was diagnosed with T2 diabetes. We have a 7 year old daughter that we closely monitor for T1 as she does have high blood sugars at times (200-300 range). We are hopeful that she will not be T1. I think that with my husband being T1 when we started dating, it helped prepare me for when my boys were diagnosed. When my husband and I first got together, he was a HORRIBLE diabetic, in part because when he was diagnosed as a child, the medical advancements available today are far better than they were when he was diagnosed. Since my boys have been diagnosed, I was given a lot of great information and we were able to apply what we learned for them to my husband's treatment. This has helped him TREMENDOUSLY in his own walk with diabetes. 

Michael, my husband, is a very active T1. His work requires him to be outdoors so it can be tricky to keep his blood sugar levels within range while outside all day. He does not let T1 slow him down in any way! As a child, he played baseball and football. As an adult, he played co-ed softball, often in weekend tournaments that would last all day. On the weekends, you can always find him outside doing something; he is definitely a busy body!

Matthew, my son, loves football and is very active! In addition to playing football, he is part of the powerlifting team and the track team.

Matthew has not let T1 stop him from pursuing his dreams of playing college football one day, and then hopefully onto the NFL.

Benjamin, who is my youngest son, is a dual diagnosis because in addition to having T1, he also has HF autism. He has done amazing since his diagnosis. He has never bucked us on taking his shots or anything related to his T1 care. Although he does have some sensory issues, he handles T1 like a champ and I couldn't be more proud of him!

After being diagnosed with T2 diabetes, I have become more conscious of my diet.

Being a carb counting pro now, I try to make healthier choices. I'm not very active but I do chase around a 2 year old and our other children. Because diabetes has affected our family in the way it has. I've been inspired to pursue nursing school and become a CDE (Certified Diabetes Educator).

The things I would like to share about our experience with diabetes is that

we try to make diabetes bend around our lives, not us bend our lives around diabetes.

I have not made any major changes in my children's diet since they were diagnosed. Kids first, diabetes second! I don't want anyone thinking that we don't take diabetes seriously; we take it VERY seriously. We just try not to let it consume our days. We deal with the issue(s) at hand and move on. I won't lie, there are some days/nights I feel like all three of my T1's are tag teaming me with lows and highs, but we end up adjusting very well. At first, when your child or yourself is diagnosed with diabetes (especially T1), it can be very overwhelming. I would like to give anyone newly diagnosed HOPE that better days are to come! Just even a few weeks past diagnosis can make all the difference in your confidence in managing diabetes.



6856 Cobblestone Blvd | Southaven, MS, 38672

P: 888.416.0008 | F: 888.416.0009

Alabama: 220 W. Tennessee St, Suite 101 | Florence, AL, 35630

P: 256.203.5058 | F: 888.416.0009

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