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Great Diabetes Apps For You

Proper diabetes care can feel overwhelming. We get it! But with the help of an app, diabetes maintenance and prevention can seem a little more manageable. We've pulled together information on some of the best diabetes apps available on the market right now!


Price: Free with optional in-app purchases

Features: Knowing what you're putting into your body each time you eat is an important component of proper diabetes care. Fooducate educates users on nutrition and helps to eliminate unhealthy foods. Just scan nutrition labels and you’ll see ingredients as well as the health grade assigned to different foods. You can also log and track your food intake as well as your sleep, exercise, and mood.


Price: Free with optional subscription

Features: Managing diabetes involves knowing your numbers. Glooko monitors your medications, carb intake, and more. It integrates data from most continuous glucose monitors, blood glucose meters, insulin pumps, and fitness trackers. View your progress via charts and keep track of your history. If your doctor sponsors you, or your employer or insurer covers the fee, the app can be used completely free of charge.


Price: Free with optional in-app purchases

Features: Create a diabetes support community with Health2Sync. Document your sugar readings, weight, and other factors that affect diabetes. View vital stats about your health including current and past trends. This app also lets you invite friends or family members for added support and motivation and allows you to sync with Bluetooth health devices.


Price: Free

Features: Have type 1 or type 2 diabetes? This app is for you! It monitors important metrics such as weight, hemoglobin A1c, ketones, cholesterol, blood pressure, and more. The app also includes glucose target tools and an HbA1c conversion calculator. Set reminders to keep you in tune with taking medication, working out, and other important tasks. You can share data from the app anonymously if you choose.

BG Monitor

Price: Free

Features: Monitor your blood glucose and insulin and find out when your body needs adjustments with BG Monitor. It calculates carbs for you and supports U.S. and international units of glucose measurement for all of your monitoring needs. Take photos of meals so you can easily remember what you ate. Email your CSV file reports and back up your data to Google Drive to ensure you always have vital information to share with your healthcare team.


Price: Free with optional in-app purchases

Features: Keep your diabetes under control by tracking your sugar levels and other factors that influence how you feel. Diabetes:M delivers one-click diabetes management by calculating normal and prolonged insulin boluses and offering an extensive nutrition database. You can set reminders to check your blood sugar or log exercise time. Best of all, it works with different glucometers and insulin pumps to analyze values from imported data.

Need more ideas for apps that can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle with diabetes? Schedule a call with our educator, Kent, to discuss other ways to stay on the right track!

Have questions about how to successfully manage your diabetes or set realistic resolutions? Schedule a 15 min call with Kent, our diabetes educator and pharmacist. He can help you learn how to get healthy this year.

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Jul 17, 2020

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